Visual Artist Jamila Walker






Midlands based Artist, Jamila Walker's practice uses found objects and demonstrates a fascination with minutiae of the everyday. Implied self determined narratives, wit and humour suggest her ambivalent feelings toward her chosen subjects.



Jamila creates candid work, from a vibrant palette of ideas, using various textures and colour. Digital manipulation and mixed media including digital illustration, enable her to construct visual worlds and characters. Jamila's use of photography is an opportunity to challenge the classic theory that "the camera never lies", for Jamila

"the camera always lies".



As an image maker Jamila creates bodies of work which raise questions about my role in the world, as an Artist, woman, etc. Jamilas passion lies with narrative and visual communication, she finds it a more natural way to engage with

the world, through Art.



In addition to being an Exhibiting Artist, Jamila has been invited to give artist talks, at various galleries. Jamila also is involved in Community Arts, Commissions 

& Heritage Projects.









© Jamila Walker (All images)


Millias Jamila, 2011 (ish)

Arrival, Windrush, 2019

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