Visual Artist Jamila Walker

Project Portfolio

Detailed reports on some

past projects

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Diversity project work, Shrewbury Museum & Art Gallery,  

2016 - 17


Sourcing & commissioning a maker for a collaborative project.

Designing marketing.

Distributing marketing, inc social media. Administration.Designing resources.

Devising, running and evaluating participatory art sessions

Creating & curating new art pieces.

Creating products for outreach museum collection work, for local community

groups to access, in order to inspire self determined,

group centred activities.

Setting up museum events.

Working with local agencies. Hosting pilot

sessions to assess how resources that I've

created could work & amend accordingly.




Journeys - Poetry & Photography project .

Switch Project & Elixir Arts Jan – April 2019 


An 8 week Spoken word combined with Fine art photography project

focusing on creative self-expression for a group of young adults who attend various wellbeing and educational sessions at the Switch project in Wolverhampton.


Jamila & Emily prep included, producing relevant, supportive resources and making examples. The project was tailored to give the participants the opportunity to challenge and showcase how they would like to world to view them, as well as their home city. Wolverhampton, through visual art (photography) and spoken word.


The work produced will be collated to create a book to gift to young people,

parents & carers.


Each session had a loose theme that was open to personal interpretation. Often participants were encouraged and supported, to take the themes as a starting & create & develop self-determined works. Participants often directed staff & each other, to hold objects, lighting, and reflectors so they could see their visual ideas come to life.



‘THIS WAY UP’  2017 – 18


Films from this wonderful project -


This creative development project involved peer & professional

mentoring sessions, from Creative Health CIC staff, which helped built my

confidence & drive to evaluate and my work & work indifferent & new ways that suit me.

I relished the opportunity to collaborate with more artists. Idea sharing & support was encouraged & embraced by all.


The mentoring often involved interesting and person centered tasks & challenges. One of the main outcomes for me, from this project, has been that now view & treat my community art & fine art practice as self informing &, one & the same. ‘This Way Up’ was a visual art and wellbeing project by Creative Health CIC for adults and children living and working in Wolverhampton & Staffordshire. The project gave various community groups the opportunity to take part in free art workshops, including asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, people with dementia as well as the general public.


I devised & ran various art workshops, (producing resources and making examples) including drawing, experimental printmaking, collage work and more. Each session had a loose theme that was open to personal interpretation.


The opportunity to utilize Wolverhampton art gallery’s collection within our workshops, was an inspiring addition. The staff at the gallery were very supportive & communicative.